Charlotte Dupré


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Fairytale is my first feature film, New York, USA.

Shot with an extremely low budget, verité style and with handmade anamorphic lens, the goal on this project was to transcribe visually and through the camera movement the extreme complex physiological journey our female anti hero is going through. 

When I was offered to be cinematographer on fairytale; a very specific spring came back in mind, the one my best friend told me that she had been raped by her uncle.  I don’t do cinematography to show off, to play with powerful toys or weapon (at the end a camera is a murder weapon). I don’t do cinematography to do cool stuff, look cool, be popular, impress others. I do cinematography because I am tired of our stories told by others, tired of beauty used to served only a restrained POV on humanity, of not being able to exist other that through that restrained POV, of not having the right to represent ourself the way we want. Cosette does not need Victor Hugo to tell her story anymore. Fairytale was just that a story not only I can tell but I must tell. Completely improvised I had the opportunity to really bring all the creativity, sensibility, love that I felt right to tell that story, to tell her story. To give a voice to the silence. An authentic voice. And hopefully transmits to the audience the emotion as uncomfortable it might be that the main character feels along that journey. Making sure the protagonist and all the female character where never objectified, eroticized, that no voyeurisme was in play or any kind of pervert curiosity. Just showing her emotions, her journey, her condition to give a voice to the silence.

The synopsis: Verity kills a monster and drifts eastward on borrowed time. She meets Bec, another lost & abused soul. Together the girls try to find solace in one another but not for long.

Directors: Eli Hershko, David Spaltro (co-director)
Staring: Verity East, Bec Fordyce, Robert D. Womack

BEVERLY HILLS FILM FESTIVAL — Winner Best Director & Best Actress