Charlotte Dupré


In Passing - Short


In Passing - Short

*The video above is an excerpt

In Passing is a Columbia University Thesis film, New York, USA.

The synopsis: Sci-fi romance between elderly ex-lovers brought back together when their mutual friend passes away.

Shot on F55, director Bittnarie Shin wanted to talk about love in a very universal and cross-gender way, setting the story in a near future.

The difficulties of this short were: the variety of the landscapes, shooting on water and boats and how to represent the future in a very clean way.

We aimed for a very clean, white, clear and almost sterile image of the future. Somewhere time has stopped, the same way our protagonist is fighting to stop time and aging.
The approach of Cinematography here was slightly different from what I am used to do. Inspired by “A Single man” of Tom Ford and shot by Edu Grau, I wanted to achieve a very clean look, in a very fashionable way. For that we worked very closely with set designer Abigail Lewis whose background is in the fashion industry, we elaborated a very specific color palette always staying in the low grades and playing on white and transparency to resonate with the water surrounding the story. It is also the first time I had the chance to work with CGI and Projection Mapping.

It was not an easy shoot, but a very special experience. Working with Bittnarie Shin has been a great collaborative experience and the result, I believe, is exactly what we aimed for.

CUFF — IFP Audience Award