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Vice News | Queer Sports - Documentary


Vice News | Queer Sports - Documentary

Queer Sports tackles issues from the world of sports and the culture surrounding them, taking a deeper look at the people and moments that have a particular impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Featuring panel discussions and interviews with LGBTQ+ guests, the series opens up a new seat at the table for voices that are underrepresented in traditional media, and celebrates their stories in a forum that’s designed to be left of Sports’ Center.

Queer Sports welcomes current and former pro athletes, sports journalists and team owners, to weigh in on the biggest topics in sports news today, including mental health, endorsements & the business of queer, gender stereotypes, trans athletes in competition, and how to make sport an equal playing field for all.

Shot on the Fs7 and the Canon Mark III

Watch the full episodes here : Queer Sports Episode 3 and Queer Sports Episode 6