Charlotte Dupré


The Astronaut hour - Short

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The Astronaut hour - Short

The synopsis: A silent astronaut and an exhausted 20-something woman walk into a diner. The dark, lonely 3 a.m. turns into a hopeful dawn as two strangers, equally misplaced, find solace in french fries and a jukebox dance number. 'Astronaut Play' takes the hyper-realism of the indie two-person scene trope and turns it into a joyful, if not fleeting song and dance, breaking expectation and behavior patterns in order to make way for something new. While subtly challenging the gender roles and outward masks we wear that define and isolate us, the absurd story remains grounded in its main character's transformation. In the timeless diner, a woman learns the antidote to loneliness isn't falling love, but in considering the loneliness of someone else, and maybe even trying on his space suit.

Director: Anna Loyd Bradshaw
Producer: Leslie Gauthier
Starring : Leslie Gauther, Tom Feeney

MANHATTAN REP'S STORIES FILM FESTIVAL : Winner -- The best of the festival, best screenplay