Charlotte Dupré





*The video above is an excerpt

Wildflower is an American Estonian short film created by and starring Kristi Roosmaa. t tackles a subject that is very important to me: immigration.

The synopsis: Anna, a young immigrant pursuing her dream of making it as a professional singer in New York, struggles with a heartbreaking choice after hearing difficult news from back home.

Shot on the Ursa Mini Pro, with a set of Rokinon cine lenses, directed by the very talented Celine Rosenthal, my work on this short focused on two main point: first to transmit through the light and camera work all the feelings and hard choices the main character was going through, and the second point was to emulate the importance Estonian culture gives to elements like fire and deep colors.

Pre-screened by the NYWIFT at their immigrant stories screening series. The film is currently in the festival circuit.

Wildflower Official Website